A little more about myself

By | February 13, 2014

I figured I needed to give a little more information about myself.

My name is James Brown, yes just like the famous singer.

I live on a six acre farm in rural Iowa with my wife and four children.



We have a Great Pyrenees puppy.  Yes she is a puppy that weighs around 100 pounds. Three tame cats and four or five others that found there way you our place. We have six laying hens and one rooster.  Yes they crow every morning. I find skunks and possums once in a while when walking through the timber.   Deer also seam to jump over my fence and stand in my yard to graze.

I am a computer person(Guru) by trade.  I love the great outdoors and the piece and quiet that the rural life gives me.  I would never trade it.

In 2009 I starting working for Professional Computer Systems, Co.(PCS) in Denison, IA.  My current job title is System Administrator.  PCS has empowered me to keep learning new ideas and solutions.  As part of this encouragement, I have decided to help PCS document the projects that our department, ITS,  has completed and publish other project that will come.

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