Add an image from the disk of a specific VM – PRISM Central 5.5

By | February 22, 2018

AHV Image services behavior has changed in AOS / Prism Central 5.5. The image service behavior depends on whether a cluster (also known as Prism Element) is registered to Prism Central.

  • If the Prism Element (PE) cluster is newly created and has never been registered with a Prism Central instance all image operations will be allowed on the PE cluster.
  • If the PE cluster is registered with a Prism Central instance image operations will be blocked on the PE cluster. Ownership of images is migrated from PE to Prism Central.

How to upload an image to PRISM Central

  1. Find the cluster IP address of the cluster that contains the image, then log on to that CVM VM.
  2. Use the Acropolis command line (acli)  to get the VMdisk UUID of the image associated with the VM. In this example, commands and the information needed are bold.
  •  List all VMs to get the VM name, then find the VM’s vmdisk_uuid.
nutanix@cvm$ acli vm.list
my-vm f5b4d6a3-7bc9-43d7-b7d0-cfe30f218cb8

nutanix@cvm$ acli vm.get my-vm
my-vm {
config {
agent_vm: False
allow_live_migrate: True
disk_list {
. . .
container_uuid: "b225a4ed-16cb-4e59-8119-81d84b0b2804"
device_uuid: "320c5948-1d8a-4d1c-b72a-f2dd9e01448e"
source_vmdisk_uuid: "c6b0de95-fc86-4884-8f37-8670a1c22bed"
vmdisk_size: 633507840
vmdisk_uuid: "12c56709-257b-42a2-87c8-04a02b15e502"
[more information not shown]

Now you can use the Prism Central web console to create an image from URL with this image path (with the example vmdisk_uuid):


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