Am I the underdog?

By | June 16, 2016

What is an underdog?

The Merrian-Webster dictionary gives two definitions for underdog:

  1. a person, team, etc., expected to lose a contest or battle
  2. a less powerful person or thing that struggles against a more powerful person or thing

The definition for kids is even better:

  1. a person or team thought to have little chance of winning


I know that my writing is sometime atrocious, that is why I keep writing.  I want to improve and keep improving. That reminds me of what my grade schools teachers use to tell me, “Practice makes perfect.”

Why do I feel like I am the underdog?


Most of you know I live in the middle of the United States outside a small town of 900 people.  I enjoy the rural life and the peace and quiet.

I have worked in the SMB and medium-sized business market for over seven years.  During this time, I accomplished multiple certifications with VMware and Microsoft.  I have accomplished multiple Exchange migrations, P2V migrations , VDI deployments, etc.  The draw back for living in the middle of the United States is; that it has not provided me with Enterprise level projects.  The biggest different between SMB and Enterprise is scale.  If you know the technologies well enough you should be able to accomplish a design that can scale to an Enterprise level.

So I feel like an underdog because people and companies do not think I can accomplish Enterprise level work. My Resume does not show an Enterprise level of experience.  I call shenanigans. My last handful of employers have been surprised by my level of expertise and my demeanor with clients. I have never been given the chance to prove myself in a Enterprise level situation. I hope that changes in the very near future.

To everyone that gave me a chance, Thanks!

To all of those that doubted what I can do, Watch out!

UnderDog is here!

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