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By | November 12, 2015

This is what every IT person want to do when they get home…


The last week I have had issue with my internet connection. I currently have a Sophos UTM virtual appliance and an Sophos AP-15. I was starting to believe that this was my bottle neck. Let me step back a little bit. I live in a very rural area. I have DSL, but I am the last person on the line. On a good day I will get 1.5 MB down and 0.5 MB up.

I started to run ping tests. Google was getting a 43ms response. Not bad. So next was a speed test. I went to the ISP website to run their speed test.  I had 0.2 MB download and 0.1 MB upload. Huston we have an issue.

So before I call the ISP I need to troubleshoot this all the way through. OK, let’s start at the beginning. I plugged my laptop into the DSL box. After 3 minutes of wait time for the DSL signal to sync. I ran the speed test again. 1.5 MB down and 0.6 MB up.  So we have the speed at the modem. The one thing I forgot to mention. I used a different network cable. I removed the CAT6 cable and replaced it will a good CAT5e cable. So I put the CAT5e cable into the DSL modem. 1 MB down and 0.5MB up. Sweet.


Sometime we all need to start with the simplest issue and move on from their.


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