My influence, My Rock

By | November 13, 2014

My influence, My Rock

I figured it was about time that I wrote about the biggest influence in my life.  She may disregard everything that is said within this post but everything is the true. She started a blog a couple months before I started this “techie blog” as she would phrase it.  As I started contributing and participate in the the online community, it started to become a second nature, almost something I had been missing.  During this time she was very supportive.  I really believed that with her writing abilities that she would have exceeded 4K visitors per month in a short amount of time. As of 11/5 this blog exceeded 4K per month.

Short intermission:

At this very moment she is trying to rearrange the living area.  I think she has changes the coffee table setting(s) at least four or five time in the last couple minutes. I really think she wanted to see part of this blog before I sent it to the press.

Ok back to the real reason for this post.  If you have not already figured out my inspiration, it is my wife.  She is a very blessed and talented writer. Less than a month ago the local newspaper asked if they could take parts of her blog and Facebook status/updates and print them in the newspaper. I was kind of excited for her. I never thought I could publish articles that people would read.

During these last fifteen days of the #vdm30in30, I will be looking to help my wife get her blog to the next level. Yes I plan on making it to 30 post in 30 days. I might even throw in a couple more…

Ok I need to stop wondering and get back to the point…..

Her blog is SuperWoman Unraveled.  You can visit her blog here. Any comments or feedback on how to get her writing/blog out there would be really appreciated. Any publishers that want to learn more,  feel free to contact me, I am never more than a couple of feet away from my comments. 🙂

Thanks again for reading.


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