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Office 365 on-premises

Warning user’s on-premises mailbox hasn’t been migrated to Exchange Online I have been working with Office 365 for the last three days.  This error provided hours of enjoyment. There is no on-premise exchange server.  So WTF! After many hours of troubleshooting I have a resolution. Remove the synchronization of the attribute msExchMailboxGuid to Office 365 We… Read More »

Reduce Sharepoint services 3.0 log files

Reduce SharePoint 3.0 log files I resent had a SharePoint server with a 80 GB hard drive that was running out of space. When I was called to look at the system, the free space was a total of 100 MB. You can solve this problem by using “Shrink” command in the MS SQL Server… Read More »

Add disk to 2003 Server

Add a disk to Windows 2003 Server through the command line I worked with a Windows server that had less than 200 MB of storage left on a single partition will the OS and applications.  As you know SharePoint and SQL, even though they are WSS and express, require more space than 200 MB to maintain… Read More »

Scope it out

Scope it out! Most of you reading this post know of scope creep or have experienced it. Let me explain for those of you that do not know scope creep. Scope creep happens when the project that is currently being deployed was never completely scoped out. Let me give you and example. In a VDI… Read More »

Configure NTP on Windows server

Configure external NTP on a Windows Server To keep this as simple as possible use the following commands: w32tm /config /,0x8 /syncfromflags:MANUAL net stop w32time net start w32time If the machine is a VM, you have to disable the time sync. Check the NTP settings on a Windows Server w32tm /query /status Manually/Force synchronization the external… Read More »

Outlook 2003 hyperlink issues

Outlook 2003 hyperlink issue Resolution Some hyperlinks will not will not show as hyperlinks. Example. https:\ The resolution is to stop Microsoft Word from being the email editor.   To un-set Word as the default editor for email messages in Outlook: Select Tools | Options from the menu in Outlook Click on the Mail Format… Read More »

NPS Setup for a Secure Wireless network

NPS Setup for a Secure Wireless network The first task in setting up Windows 2008 or higher Enterprise CA.  This is to allow auto Certificate request. You need to be running Windows 2008 Enterprise edition or Windows 2012. Make sure your domain functional level is at least at Windows Server 2003. Create a security group… Read More »

Exchange 2010 Fixing Internal Hostname SSL Errors

How to fix the Exchange 2010 Internal Hostname certificate Error I am going to bet you have seen an error similar to this. Let’s assume your Exchange server is known as “cpexchange2010.domain.local” internally but the external name is “”. Solution You need to add the (“”) to your internal IP and setup a record to point… Read More »