Migration to VEEAM

By | November 27, 2014

Migration to VEEAM

When I started with my current employer we used a backup software called StoreServer. I was responsible for getting the tapes from the tape library and deliver them to the Controller to take offsite to a bank vault. In the afternoon I was responsible for putting tape back into the tape library,.

After a couple of months of being employed, I decided to look closer at the backup solution.  StoreServer was a front end software that ran on top of the  IBM Tivoli software. The software provided a graphical interface for the complex Tivoli command based interface.

We used the StoreServer software for three more years.

After those three years we decided it was time to move into server virtualization. At that time we installed a Fiber Channel SAN, four vSpheres and a similar backup solution.  Instead of purchasing StoreServer we decided to go directly to IBM Tivoli. At that time, they were just releasing the pay per storage space model. We had a consult come into our data center and install the SAN, vSphere, vCenter, and IBM Tivoli.  This was that last time for eight months that I slept at night. We had found out that Tivoli was hammering the VM environment.  Not allowing out clients to function correctly.

It was no more than 2 months after that, that I was enrolled in a IBM Tivoli Storage manager 6.X implementation and Administration. From that day one I redesigned the IBM Tivoli environment and managed it. No one else on my team had the time to learn this one hundred pound gorilla.

A New Day

Now to current day.  I have less and less time to spend babysitting the IBM Tivoli system. My team has no idea how the system even works. So the IT Department made a judgement call.  We decided to drop IBM Tivoli and bring VEEAM online.  This is not because IBM Tivoli was doing a bad job.  It was a monster to manage for a single person that has a pile of other works that needs to be done.

By the first of January We will have migrated all of the IBM Tivoli system to VEEAM.  My team will be training on how to manage and setup backups.  I will now be able to get back to the day to day operations.

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