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Traffic Shaping and NIOC

Traffic shaping and Network I/O Control (NIOC) My current project is to move our network infrastructure within out virtual environment to the 10GB network. I will be removing twelve 1GB network cables per host.  Each host will have two 16GB Fiber Channel cards and two 10GB ethernet cards. I will have a total of four, not twelve… Read More »

Software iSCSI setup on ESXi

How to set up the Software iSCSI initiator in ESXi Go to the Inventory  Hosts and Clusters  Configuration  Storage Adapters screen Click the iSCSI Software Adapter, if it’s not present simply click the Add button on the top right of the screen to add the iSCSI Software Adapter. As you can see here that no paths have been configured, click… Read More »

VMware vDS setup

VMware vDS (VMware Distributed switches) Setup In this post I want to show you the reasons for using vDS if you have an Enterprise Plus license. First is why… The vDS only has to be configured once on the vCenter system.  With standard switches you have to configure the ports and NICs on every ESXI/vSphere… Read More »

Exchange 2010 Fixing Internal Hostname SSL Errors

How to fix the Exchange 2010 Internal Hostname certificate Error I am going to bet you have seen an error similar to this. Let’s assume your Exchange server is known as “cpexchange2010.domain.local” internally but the external name is “”. Solution You need to add the (“”) to your internal IP and setup a record to point… Read More »