On Call

By | March 24, 2015

The On Call Rotation

It has been a fun couple of weeks.  I have been assigned a position on the on call roster.

When you cannot sleep at night and you call the ISP because you internet is moving slower than a snail, that is the night shift personnel.

On call person is the poor person that gets rolled out of bed because the internet has complete stopped.  Not for the world, just a small portion of is. This person has to make decisions on lack of sleep and caffeine.  I no longer have to dream about being this on call person.  I lived it.

To all of you technical personnel that are on the on call roster.  I salute you.

I am now working toward being the highest level of escalation.  If it is not working and/or the first person assigned on call cannot solve the issue.  Call me. I will make sure something gets done!

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