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Netscaler Software upgrade

Upgrade the Citrix Netscaler from the command line After the install of the Citrix Netscaler 10.5-54 I had issues with the guest locking up with high traffic volumes and when I enable HA the only way to access the system was through command line. For everyone that has this same issue here is my solution.… Read More »

NetApp and Imprivata Part 2

NetApp and Imprivata Part 2 I owe it to NetApp and Imprivata to post a status update. NetApp Part 2 NetApp contacted me hours after the blog was posted.  Within 12 hours they had a fix and were working on hot fixes for the current version(s) of their software. Great Job! Imprivata Part 2 Imprivata… Read More »

Imprivata Licensing

Imprivata Licensing I am making a short announcement.  I will no longer be posting my blogs to LinkedIn. I am very sorry for this change. I hope very soon that I can continue to provide the normal content on all Social Media outlets. Now back to the content. I have learned a little bit about… Read More »

NetApp first look

NetApp first impression Recently I have had a chance to access a NetApp appliance.  I am very interested in learning and getting to know the NetApp brand. So the first task was to see the device.  I was not very impressed with the overall appearance.  Looked very similar to the IBM DS3500 series and Cybernetic disk shelves… Read More »

Traffic Shaping and NIOC

Traffic shaping and Network I/O Control (NIOC) My current project is to move our network infrastructure within out virtual environment to the 10GB network. I will be removing twelve 1GB network cables per host.  Each host will have two 16GB Fiber Channel cards and two 10GB ethernet cards. I will have a total of four, not twelve… Read More »