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VirtualDesignMaster – Challenge 1

VirtualDesignMaster Challenge 1 I know that the competitors have not been released for #vDM. I am really lucky to be one of these competitors. The challenge 1 design requirements are here. I think the hardest part of this first design was the lack of time.  The first design was through the US Independence holiday. I had… Read More »

Netscaler Software upgrade

Upgrade the Citrix Netscaler from the command line After the install of the Citrix Netscaler 10.5-54 I had issues with the guest locking up with high traffic volumes and when I enable HA the only way to access the system was through command line. For everyone that has this same issue here is my solution.… Read More »

NetApp and Imprivata Part 2

NetApp and Imprivata Part 2 I owe it to NetApp and Imprivata to post a status update. NetApp Part 2 NetApp contacted me hours after the blog was posted.  Within 12 hours they had a fix and were working on hot fixes for the current version(s) of their software. Great Job! Imprivata Part 2 Imprivata… Read More »

Imprivata Licensing

Imprivata Licensing I am making a short announcement.  I will no longer be posting my blogs to LinkedIn. I am very sorry for this change. I hope very soon that I can continue to provide the normal content on all Social Media outlets. Now back to the content. I have learned a little bit about… Read More »

NetApp first look

NetApp first impression Recently I have had a chance to access a NetApp appliance.  I am very interested in learning and getting to know the NetApp brand. So the first task was to see the device.  I was not very impressed with the overall appearance.  Looked very similar to the IBM DS3500 series and Cybernetic disk shelves… Read More »

Scope it out

Scope it out! Most of you reading this post know of scope creep or have experienced it. Let me explain for those of you that do not know scope creep. Scope creep happens when the project that is currently being deployed was never completely scoped out. Let me give you and example. In a VDI… Read More »

Welcome to Corporate life

On January 5th I started a new venture with a subsidiary of a big Health Care company.  Before making this transition I worked for a small corporation with less than 40 employees.  So I was the heart and soul of the IT department.  I knew the infrastructure inside and out.  Then I took the leap of faith… Read More »

A new year and new challenges

A New Year and New Challenges This new year looks to be fun and exciting. As you have read I have taken a job with a new company. HNc and BNc are the same company just branded differently for the people they serve.  HNc, HealthNet Connect, is focused on Health systems.  We provide Internet and… Read More »

Traffic Shaping and NIOC

Traffic shaping and Network I/O Control (NIOC) My current project is to move our network infrastructure within out virtual environment to the 10GB network. I will be removing twelve 1GB network cables per host.  Each host will have two 16GB Fiber Channel cards and two 10GB ethernet cards. I will have a total of four, not twelve… Read More »