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By | November 7, 2014

IBM DS3500 SAN Staging – Array Configure

This is a short walk through on how to stage an IBM 3500 SAN.

The default IP addresses of the IBM DS3500 SAN are and  These IPs are the #1 Ethernet port on each controller.

Make sure to change the name of the SAN.  Keeping the default name is not Best Practice.

Update the SAN firmware to the newest version before you start.

The firmware update instructions are in the release notes.

Rename the Storage System

Storage Subsystem->rename

Example XXXX_DS3512

Setup the Storage Array

Go to the Setup Tab

Then click on the Configure Storage Subsystem

Choose Create Array and logical drives


Enter Array Name



Create the Array


Click Next

Make sure you leave 1 drive unselected for hot spare in RAID5 configuration. (RAID6 has this built in) (RAID10 hot spare is not needed)


Allocate Capacity



Boot Drive Setup

Size of disk = 50GB (You will not need more that 20GB. I setup 50GB just incase the logs files get big)

Drive Name: vsphere#_boot (# is the number of the vsphere)

DS Drive Setup (storage drives)

Size of Disk = 1000GB (This setting is for the FDE drives. This seems to be the sweet spot for 600GB 15K FED drives)

Drive Name: vm_dshigh# (# is the next logical number starting with 1)

Choose Customize Setting


Logical Drive I/O = File System

Preferred Controller Ownership

A or B

(DS drives need to be balanced. All the vSphere drives need to stay on either Controller A or B)


This is the complete picture for this project



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