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Horizon View 6.1 event issue

How to fix the time out issue on Horizon View 6.1 or earlier Create an index on the SQL Event Database. This is not need on Horizon View 6.1.1 or later. When browsing the monitored events in the VMware Horizon View Administrator console, the performance might be extremely slow. The larger the Event database becomes,… Read More »

Workspace 2.1.1 Install

View Horizon Workspace 2.1.1 install This will be the second time I have installed Workspace.  The first time was version 2.0.  You can read that post here. The good thing is that the install has changed.  The PhD in rocket science is no longer required. Step One Download the View Horizon Workspace OVF file.  If… Read More »

Horizon Workspace Portal – Part 1.1

Horizon Workspace 2.0 – Part 1.1 OVA install without ESXi Enterprise Plus The following assumptions have been made. 1)      You have ESXi and vCenter installed 2)      You have Administrative access to vCenter 3)      You have Horizon Workspace licensing 4)      You have downloaded the “horizon-workspace-2.0…..ova 5)      You have two hosts  If you have meet… Read More »