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Stakeholders and the Design

Associate a stakeholder with the information that needs to be collected: This information should always be passed on to you from the business you are working with.  In some companies, smaller cooperation for instance do not understand who are the stake holder.  They have a hard time finding who is the correct person in the… Read More »

Application Dependency Diagram

In a Virtual design you need an application dependency diagram.  An application dependency diagram determines which items are related. During the discovering process of running services you can use this information to draw down the upstream and downstream relationships. If you have a website for example. The website runs on a webserver which runs on a linux server… Read More »

Studying for my VCAP5-DCD

Here is how I have been studying for my VCAP5-DCD.  This is VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Data Center Design certification The blog posts out there have really got me nervous about this test.  There are 100 question and only 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the questions.  The first time test takers are… Read More »