VCAP-DCA Study Material

By | November 11, 2015

Study Materials for VCAP-DCA


First I wanted to say thank you to Pluralsight for give CISCO Champions and VMware vExperts a 1 year subscription. I know I need to utilize it more!

Here is a list of material I am currently using:

I think I need to give a little more information about the last bullet point. Joshua Andrews has a laptop setup with a similar environment to the VCAP-DCA. With the VMware NDA, it cannot be exactly the VCAP-DCA exam. If you reach out to him, we will setup a 4 hour block so you can access his VCAP lab environment. I highly recommend taking the four hours to get to know the environment before you attempt the real test.

As I get back into the swing of studying, I will have posts about topics that I know I need to study more. In other words, I will blog about it so I remember!

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