VirtualDesignMaster Challenge 3

By | July 20, 2015

VirtualDesignMaster (vDM) Challenge 3

I know that the competitors have not been released for #vDM. I am really lucky to be one of these competitors.

The challenge 3 design requirements:

vDM Challenge 03

The hardest part of this design was deciding on a backup/DR solution. There are so many great products out there. VEEAM, Unitrends, and Backupexec just to name a few.  Other products like NetApp, IBM, and Dell have built in products.

Once I finished the design on Saturday I reached out to Chris (@ikiris) to take a look at my current design and make recommendation on what I needed to expand on(questions judges would ask).  There were a number of great questions that he had asked. He had just finished a similar project so he really hammered my design with questions that needed to be answered.

There has been a theme with my designs.  Every time I look at the design, one solution keeps coming back to me. I am sure that will change in the final two challenges.

Again I submitted early.  This time I will have to face the firing squad of the judges and there is a possibility that someone will not be making it to the next round.  I still have a feeling Open Stack is on the horizon.  That is another product that I am not very familiar with.  I just hope I can learn and improve my skills as a virtual designer.  I may not become the master but this is a great experience.

You can see some of these twitter conversions by following these two hash tags. #VirtualDesignMaster and #vDM

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