Upgrading VMware Product Suite(s)

By | November 16, 2014

Upgrading VMware product suite(s) in the order that is required by VMware

This will be a short post on what the upgrade order is on VMware productions and Suites.  If you only have the base products like vCenter and ESX you will only need to look for two products and see which production is required to have the first upgrade.

Here is a list of VMware acronyms that the VMware community uses.

VCD – vCloud Director – This may now be call vRealize

VCNS – vCloud Network and Security

VSA – vSphere Storage Appliance

VR/SRM – vSphere Replication/Site Recovery Manager

vCOPS – vCenter Operation Management Suite

ESXi – vSPhere hypervisor. Elastic Sky X

vShield – Endpoint protection that is part of VCNS


Here is an upgrade chart from VMware. This is a supported upgrade chart for 5.5 You can read the article here.

Supported Update Sequence
VCD VCNS View Composer View Connection Server VSA Manager vCenter Server VR / SRM vCOPS VDP ESXi VMware Tools vShield Edge vShield App vShield Endpoint View Agent / Client
(formerly vShield Manager)
Update Sequence Number 1
4 4
6 6 6
9 9 9 9


Here is just a short Example.

If you have vCenter and ESX or ESXi only.

  1. Update vCenter Server
  2. Upgrade ESXi
  3. Upgrade VMware Tools

Thanks VMware for providing a great list.

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