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VCDX Design Day 2 vDM30in30

VCDX Design Day 2 vDM30in30 A couple of days ago I started my design document. At my previous employer I designed the virtual infrastructure. I had to create infrastructures to support multiple environments. Production, test, train, company, and DMZ. So I started to put everything I previously design on paper. I will be using vSphere 5.5… Read More »

vCenter Database is Full

vCenter Database is Full I couple of days ago, I received a call from a customer who had a problem his vCenter server. The drive that hosted the vCenter was full. From the phone call it sounded like the full recovery opinion had been turned on. vCenter server was on Windows 2008 R2 and had the default… Read More »

Learning NSX: High-Level Architecture, Part 1

High-Level Architecture, Part 1 This blog post will start a series of posts describing my endeavor to gain more knowledge about Network Sky X (NSX). If anyone knows what NSX really stands for, post a comment. NSX, in my opinion, is great component of the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). VMware has formally asked the vExpert Community to… Read More »

Setup UCS for vSAN

Setup a UCS C240 for vSAN In this post I will show you how to use the UCS KVM console to setup the hard drives for use in an existing vSAN cluster. If you need to load ESX on a UCS server look at my previous UCS post here. Let’s get started. Open your CIMC console.… Read More »

VMworld Vendors

A Note to VMworld Vendors This will be my first VMworld.  There are a couple of things that I have noticed that might help. Do not ignore the blogger community.  These are the people who write articles about your products. If you want them to check out or talk about to product or the changes/modifications to… Read More »

VMworld Day 3 – September 1st

VMworld Day 3 – September 1st This is the day of the big general session. Where I am at in my career, there was nothing that surprised me. NSX 6.2 will be released vMotion between on-premises and cloud (only in vCloud Air) Any end user device all applications With my current experience level nothing made… Read More »

VMworld Day 2 – Aug 31th

VMworld Day 2 – Aug 31th Thank you again VMware for the great conference. In case you did not know, this is my first year to #VMworld. The first general session was hit and miss in my op.  The three main points that I got out of the presentation was EVO SDN, Cloud vMotion and vSphere containers. The #vBrownbag… Read More »

#VirtualDesignMaster #vBrownBag

Virtual Design Master vBrownbag at VMworld Sorry of the late post. I will be in the Hang Space on Thursday at 12:15. You can steam it live here. For those what will be on-stage.  Here are the questions you need to think about. Your experience with vDM? What have you learned from vDM? How has it helped you… Read More »

VMworld Day 1 – Aug 30th

VMworld Day 1 – Aug 30th I landed in San Francisco at 3:00 pm on Sunday. The flight was great.  The travel between the air port and the hotel was interesting.  I think the driver almost got into a wreak six or seven times.  People and drivers seemed to be on their phones more that… Read More »