Will I hate this job??

By | March 29, 2016

Will I hate my job?

I have received several comments over the last couple weeks, after I started a new job.

  • When will you get tired of this job and start putting it down?
  • Grow-up?!?!?
  • You will never be happy in a career…

I am not going to bring up old companies or employers. There were a lot of unspoken issues that went on behind the scenes. Nothing that needs to be talked about and I have truly moved on.

The last four weeks have been awesome!  The entire Nutanix company is willing to help with any issues that can arise.  This could range from HR questions to technical questions. I have never had a sounding board for technology issues. I really, really, really, enjoy having people that I can have technology debates with. I have always been the technology champion within the organization.

Ok enough with the bad feeling… Now to the real point.

I am working with a product(s) that I truly believe in and enjoy the end results from the client(s). There is no better feeling.

Thanks to all my readers that believe that I am truly trying to improve my skills. I appreciate all of you.

Keep watching I have Nutanix, VMware, and other blog posts coming very soon.

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