Windows 2012 R2 AD RODC Prep

By | April 3, 2014

Following steps are required to prepare your Windows 2003 forest or higher to accept Windows AD for an RODC.

Make sure your forest functioning level is at least Windows 2003 or higher.



Once that is done, insert the Windows OS disk into the server DVD drive.  If you are using a vm server attach the image to the server.

Then open an Administrative Command Prompt.

The goto your CD Drive go to this directory: X:supportadprep (X is your DVD drive letter)

Windows 64bit:

adprep /rodcprep

Windows 32bit

adprep32 /rodcprep

One the command is completed successfully you are ready to setup an new RODC in the domain.

I will be explaining the RODC join in a future post later this week.

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