A new page in my book

By | February 29, 2016
**Updated: Grammar issues. I was trying to publish this post too quickly

The New Page

This will be a big page in my career. I am sure that most of you have known that I have looked for the next step in my career for the last 6-8 months. In earlier posts I talked about the companies that I would enjoy working with. I will talk about that in a couple of minutes.

I was starting to look at stable and mature service provider in my area.  I interviewed with LightEdge, but I never got a final answer.  Then I interviewed with Sirius, they told me I did not have the right skill set for their team. I also interviewed with CenturyLink. For a while this was the move I was considering. They were looking to put me into their architect department.  All of these company’s were great throughout the interview process.

So I continued to looked deeper into what I wanted again. I wanted to still stay technical. I really wanted to move my skills from medium and small business to an enterprise level. I really wanted and needed a new challenge.

So this morning I am joining Nutanix as a Consultant. I will be working with a great bunch of people, and have the chance to improve my skills to a rock star level.



2 thoughts on “A new page in my book

  1. Anonymous

    If there is any chance your new company reads your blog, I hope they are not looking at writing skills as a requirement just yet; if so basic geammar and spelling must be addressed, as a VMware person myself I am simply offering advice. Or, perhaps you are a great writer but simply take no pride in proof reading a blog you publish. Either way, best wishes in your new venture at Nutanix!

    1. james Post author

      This was a rushed post. I do not plan on doing this again. Thanks for being the GRAMMAR police.


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