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On Call

The On Call Rotation It has been a fun couple of weeks.  I have been assigned a position on the on call roster. When you cannot sleep at night and you call the ISP because you internet is moving slower than a snail, that is the night shift personnel. On call person is the poor person that gets… Read More »

My influence, My Rock

My influence, My Rock I figured it was about time that I wrote about the biggest influence in my life.  She may disregard everything that is said within this post but everything is the true. She started a blog a couple months before I started this “techie blog” as she would phrase it.  As I started contributing and participate in… Read More »

Am I Ready

Ready, am I? On my way into work today I was thinking, am I ready to take the next step in my career? Do I have what it takes to move to the next step in my career path? I have been in the IT industry for over 16 years. I remember the Intel Pentium… Read More »

A little more about myself

I figured I needed to give a little more information about myself. My name is James Brown, yes just like the famous singer. I live on a six acre farm in rural Iowa with my wife and four children. We have a Great Pyrenees puppy.  Yes she is a puppy that weighs around 100 pounds. Three tame… Read More »