How I Deal with Stress

By | October 27, 2015

How I Deal with Stress

There are many ways that people deal with stress.  IT professionals tend to deal with stress in many different ways.

Some turn to drinking. Others turn to video games.  Some even turn to exercising or working out.

I turn to my home life. I am the father of four kids. I have two other children that are staying with our family. That makes a total of six kids. I would not consider the six kids my outlet for stress. They may even add to it once in a while.  The seven acres of land on my property are my saving grace. Two and a half areas is the land that my house and out buildings sit. The rest is all woodland.


The red line is just an outline. It is not exact. I could even be off by a couple of acres. I am not too worried.

In a previous post I have talked about my commit to a from where I work. The two hours of drive time is used to depress the stress of the day. I also do some of my best thinking on the road.

Include on this small plot or land is ten hens, one dog, 6 cats, and other animals that do not need to be mentioned.  I have build a chicken couple from the ground up. We have started a garden every spring to provide the family with vegetables.

The best stress reliever is the quiet that comes with leaving outside of town. No lights, no gimmicks just the peace and calmness of the country side.


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