NPP online training

By | November 7, 2015

NPP training

I had a small amount a free time the last couple days. So I decided to work my way through the NPP training. I have completed my online training and I hope to take the NPP exam sometime tomorrow. I will write about how I did later.

Early I was talking to a couple of people who are working towards their master degree. The topic of Thesis made it into the conversation. I stop and I thought about it for a second. The VCDX and NPX are like a Thesis. Not like a normal Thesis but a Thesis from an architecture level. I know I have made the comment before that a VCAP is like a master’s degree and a PhD is like a VCDX. As I am working on my VCDX draft, I am really starting to see that the comment I made was totally right.

So here are my tasks for next week.

  • Finish my HLE VCDX
  • Start to study for my VCAP-DCA
  • Achieve my NPP


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