VirtualDesignMaster – Challenge 4

By | July 29, 2015

VirtualDesignMaster (vDM) Challenge 4

This VirualDesignMaster challenge had me from the beginning.  Orchestration was something I wanted to learn, just not in four days!

The challenge 4 design requirements:

vDM Challenge 04

The hardest part of this design was figuring out what an orchestration tool was…

Wiki say this:

Orchestration describes the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware and services.

OK that makes a little more sense. *Not Really*. So then I watched twitter, and  two products showed up.  Puppet and Chef.  So my first stop was Plurasight.

This was the first design that I had to re-write.  I went down one path and I did not feel that it was meeting the true goals for this challenge.  So I started over. I then had a small breakdown and then started on the new design.

Once I finished the design on Monday evening, I reached out to Rob (@rnelson0) to take a look at my current design and make recommendation on what I needed to expand on.  He pointed me back the the key points of this design. Requirements, Constraints, Assumptions, and Risks. So I burned the midnight oil to get everything completed.

This time I submitted my final design with 10 minutes to spare. I do feel that my design was on track to a solid solution. My nerves will start to get jumpy at 5 pm CST tonight. I wish the remaining contestants the best of luck. I still have a itching feeling Open Stack is in the final challenge. In the end I may not become the Virtual Design Master but this is a great experience.

You can see some of these twitter conversions by following these two hash tags. #VirtualDesignMaster and #vDM

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