Where is EVO:RAIL?

By | February 15, 2016

What happened to EVO:Rail?

This morning I was reading an article called EVO:Fail.  You can ready it here.


When VMware announced that EVO:RAIL was the way that they would compete with companies like Nutanix or SimpliVity.  I took a long look into how and why.

At VMWorld this year I asked around about how many people had seen a deployment.  There were only a hand full of people who could say they have seen an instance in production. Being from the Midwest I never heard anyone even mention that this was an option.

The next logical question was the price. No one had ever seen the price, but the speculation was $250,000 was the starting price. That is a pretty big starting price. A standard three-tier architecture, hardware only, will start around $60,000.

Two company’s have pioneer the Hyper-converged market. Nutanix and SimpliVity.  Both companies had a firm grasp on the market. EVO:RAIL was not the only card that VMware had played. VSAN was a very prominent solution.


On February 11, VMware made an announcement about VSAN 6.2. I also agree with the statement from Gaetan Castelei stating, “In the future, most focus will be VSAN ready nodes and the federation appliance.” VSAN is VMware’s play into the Hyper-converged market. They are also stating that they are number 1 in this market.

Only time will tell. What do you think?

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