VEEAM upgrade to V8

By | November 6, 2014

VEEAM V7 upgrade to V8

VEEAM v8 was released on November 6th. The current version of VEEAM I have installed is This was the latest patch before the V8 release.


Downloaded copy of VEEAM V8

Valid License (Trial License would be needed for a full install)

Ok let us get started.  Open the ISO/CD

You will see this screen



I see the VEEAM install has already detected that I have Backup & Replication install.  I like the option for Training.  I will have to look at that when I am done with this post.

Click on the Upgrade box.

Then Please Wait…


Next you see the setup box.


Click the Next Button.

I accept the terms….. Next

Is this your current version???


Yes it is. Next.

Enter you *.lic file and click Next

Next VEEAM will ask if the following requirements have been checked


If you passes all four checks click Next.

On the next screen you can choose a specific account that VEEAM will use.  Because of security requires I will use the Local System account to run the service. Next

The next screen depends on your environment.  As you can see in my environment, I accepted the default setting.  If you are not under security constraints, you may have different settings.



Next. It might take a couple seconds. It has to check the SQL connection.

You will then get the following box


Are you sure you want to upgrade? Yes please. Next

Click the Install button.

As so it begins



Go take a coffee break. After four minutes I had this screen. Click Finish





This is the only draw back I can see.  You have to reboot.  But the software did just un-install and upgrade the entire VEEAM SQL DB.  OK you are granted a reboot.


OK now the test.  Did it upgrade?

According to task manager the VEEAM installer is running.  So do not get impatient. It took three to four minutes for the first screen.

I like the new splash screen.



Once open VEEAM you will have to upgrade components.

Click Next. It will Query the servers and push the installs needed.

Click the Finish button.

You are online and ready to rock the DR!

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  1. rnelson0

    We’re in the midst of trying to acquire Veeam and the timing couldn’t be better. Veeam is offering v8 at v7 prices till the end of the month I believe, and that’s critical to keep costs down and avoid the CBT bug. I hope to be running through an install shortly!


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