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My Experience as a vCIO

My Experience as a vCIO I had the opportunity to become a vCIO for a medium sized company. I saw the opportunity as a challenge. I have had management training and have been considered a lead technical employee for over six year. What could be so hard… With that said I learned a lot. I… Read More »

VMWorld 2016

VMWorld 2016 I have been given the honor of being granted a VMWorld blogger pass. So I have made all my arrangements to be at VMWorld 2016. I will be spending most of my time around the Nutanix booth and the hang space. I hope I can catchup with most of my readers and close… Read More »

Am I the underdog?

What is an underdog? The Merrian-Webster dictionary gives two definitions for underdog: a person, team, etc., expected to lose a contest or battle a less powerful person or thing that struggles against a more powerful person or thing The definition for kids is even better: a person or team thought to have little chance of… Read More »

Will I hate this job??

Will I hate my job? I have received several comments over the last couple weeks, after I started a new job. When will you get tired of this job and start putting it down? Grow-up?!?!? You will never be happy in a career… I am not going to bring up old companies or employers. There were a lot… Read More »

A new page in my book

**Updated: Grammar issues. I was trying to publish this post too quickly The New Page This will be a big page in my career. I am sure that most of you have known that I have looked for the next step in my career for the last 6-8 months. In earlier posts I talked about… Read More »

2015 – Great Start

2015 I saw Rene Van Den Bedem post on his 2015 accomplishments. I figured that I need to do something similar. Thanks Rene! Here are my accomplishments for 2015: Continued to blog Competed in the Virtual Design Master contest I was not the vDM Master but I learned a lot Awarded VMware vExpert, CISCO Champion,… Read More »

It is that time, Performance Review

Performance Review and the frustration behind them In the workforce, there’s nothing that can causes so much fear and dread on the managers side and so much anger and resentment on the employees side than a performance review. We have all gone through these year-end reviews. If it is for ourselves or we were the manager giving the review.… Read More »

The end of my #vDM30in30

This will be my last post for #vDM30in30 The other side of my life has taken a lot of my free time. I will still continue working on my certifications and VCDX. There are a number of big projects that have started to take shape. As of right now, I am very limited on the time I… Read More »

Stop the Silos, Automate

Automate all things! The above tile came from Chris Wahl. As I continue my road to my #VCDX and technology in general, this quote still stands true. In today’s corporate world silo were built for the following reason: Regulatory Business Unit Interest Focus Project Focus When these silos were created they were for very good… Read More »