What is Hadoop?

What is Hadoop? The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. Rather than rely on hardware to deliver… Read More »

What is Elasticsearch?

What is Elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is an open-source, RESTful, distributed search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene.  Since it was released in 2010, Elasticsearch has quickly become the most popular search engine and is commonly used for log analytics, full-text search, security intelligence, business analytics, and operational intelligence use cases. Why do you need Elastisearch?… Read More »

Splunk 101

Welcome back to my Splunk series.  Let’s continue our journey with Splunk. Splunk 101 What data can Splunk ingest?  Let us take a view of Splunk at 1000 feet.                 One thing that Splunk strives for is they can ingest any data.  Splunk software collects and indexes data… Read More »

What is Splunk?

I have decided to start writing again.  I am going to start with the three main big data platforms and add more as time allows.  As you can see by the title, we are going to dig into Splunk today. What is Splunk? Splunk is a software technology that is used for monitoring, searching, analyzing… Read More »

Why Virtualize Splunk?

Why should you virtualize Splunk? I get asked that question all the time.  Let us first take a look at a typical Splunk installation on bare metal servers. What information do we even need to collect to size a Splunk? We need to start with the following questions: How much data are you going in… Read More »

Manual AWS to AHV migration

This is going to be the first of two blogs. This first blog will be the manual migration from AWS to AHV.  The second will use a product called Sureline. Prerequisites Make sure that you have an Amazon EC2 Windows instance that has a volume that is large enough to accommodate the size of the machine… Read More »

Storage vMotion of an Oracle RAC Cluster with minimal downtime

Over the last couple of weeks, I was asked to migrate an Oracle RAC environment from ESX to ESX on Nutanix. This procedure is for Development, QA, and Pre-Production RAC clusters which are not constrained by the 100% uptime business SLA’s. Administrators can choose to go another route of storage vMotioning Oracle RAC with minimal downtime in a… Read More »

LACP Configuration in vSphere 6.5

Well, we get started with configuring LACP, let’s talk a bit about few networking terms. Link Aggregation Group (LAG): The simplest definition of LAG is bonding two network interfaces in order to achieve greater throughput. Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP): This is a protocol for the collective handling of multiple physical ports that can be seen as… Read More »