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Building Whitebox Home Lab Servers

Last year about this time I design to completely rebuild my home lab.  After ready about many home labs I decided to use the Wahl network Haswell Design. Processor I wanted the new 4th generation Haswell chip, which is the latest Tock release for Intel in the 22nm fabrication process. The Haswell chipset requires a motherboard… Read More »

Synology 6.1

Synology has just released version 6.1-15047 So I logged into my Synology this morning and saw this: So here are the release note: Release Notes for 1815+ New features: Self Healing Shared Folder encryption Storage Manager updates    

Synology NAS

Synology NAS A couple of weeks ago my current storage array lost a power supply and could not keep any drives mapped to a current RAID configuration. I will have a post soon about my original setup. So here is the high level design of my initial array. Dell pizza box server. JBOD attached through… Read More »