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VMware and the cloud

VMworld 2016 Day 1 To answer my first question, What did we learn… Not much. It was a hugely anti-climatic Keynote speak.  First we were enlightened, then we were told “On-Premise” and “Cloud” are the future. What, no year of VDI??? I have worked in the healthcare and credit card industry fields for many year. Cloud… Read More »

VMWorld 2016

VMWorld 2016 I have been given the honor of being granted a VMWorld blogger pass. So I have made all my arrangements to be at VMWorld 2016. I will be spending most of my time around the Nutanix booth and the hang space. I hope I can catchup with most of my readers and close… Read More »

VMworld Vendors

A Note to VMworld Vendors This will be my first VMworld.  There are a couple of things that I have noticed that might help. Do not ignore the blogger community.  These are the people who write articles about your products. If you want them to check out or talk about to product or the changes/modifications to… Read More »

VMworld Day 3 – September 1st

VMworld Day 3 – September 1st This is the day of the big general session. Where I am at in my career, there was nothing that surprised me. NSX 6.2 will be released vMotion between on-premises and cloud (only in vCloud Air) Any end user device all applications With my current experience level nothing made… Read More »

VMworld Day 1 – Aug 30th

VMworld Day 1 – Aug 30th I landed in San Francisco at 3:00 pm on Sunday. The flight was great.  The travel between the air port and the hotel was interesting.  I think the driver almost got into a wreak six or seven times.  People and drivers seemed to be on their phones more that… Read More »