VMware and the cloud

By | August 30, 2016

VMworld 2016 Day 1

To answer my first question, What did we learn…

Not much. It was a hugely anti-climatic Keynote speak.  First we were enlightened, then we were told “On-Premise” and “Cloud” are the future. What, no year of VDI??? I have worked in the healthcare and credit card industry fields for many year. Cloud has never been an opinion for these organization. This will continue to be the norm until cloud providers can protect data based on HIPAA and/or PCI standards, cloud will never gain full speed. This however is not just pointed at AWS, Azure, IBM(yes you are on my list) or vCloud Air. The main stream software providers and legacy software providers are also at the top of this list.  I sent a tweet out during the key note stating the security is the last thing that gets looked at. It really needs to be at the top.

So what was really talked about?

VMware introduced Cloud foundation. ummm… Looks like Chargeback manger and vCloud Director.  There is nothing new to see here. Microsoft has been pushing for a hybrid cloud for a couple years. VMware also announced IBM in as their only key partner to this service, but IBM was never mentioned along with the other cloud providers.

Here is a Bloomberg article about the VMware announcement.


I hope that the Day 2 keynote will have a little more meat to the presentation.

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