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Horizon View 6.1 event issue

How to fix the time out issue on Horizon View 6.1 or earlier Create an index on the SQL Event Database. This is not need on Horizon View 6.1.1 or later. When browsing the monitored events in the VMware Horizon View Administrator console, the performance might be extremely slow. The larger the Event database becomes,… Read More »

To VAR or not to VAR

What does it take to make a good Value Added Reseller (VAR) Over the last seven years I have worked for consultants/Value Added Resellers. All companies that wanted/needed to make money on the skills of the IT staff. Skills like the follow: Active Directory Upgrades or migrations Exchange upgrades or migrations Virtual Desktop New Virtualization… Read More »

Do you want customer service with that?

What is customer service? Here is the definition from Wiki: The provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The perception of success of such interactions is dependent on employees “who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest”. Customer service is also often referred to when describing the culture of… Read More »


I am a SysAdmin I have been working as a System Administrator for the last 6 years. I feel I have out grown that title but I have not found an employer that is willing to give me a different title. Maybe someday soon that will happen. So somethings I like to watch and do… Read More »

When life puts on the brakes

When life puts on the brakes This week has been interesting. A lot of stuff has happen.  Enough said. Last night my body just gave in. My body decided there was not way that I could work another 3 hours on a VCDX design. All it wanted to do was find a blanket and relax. After… Read More »

Essential or Indispensable

Essential or Indispensable In a stand up meeting I was asked if I was essential or indispensable to the current business. I had to think about it. So here is my take on what was really asked. Let’s start with the definition of each word. Essential absolutely necessary; extremely important. Indispensable absolutely necessary Interesting enough they both… Read More »

vDM30in30 Day 1

vDM30in30 Day 1 This will be my first post.  I have seen that some people out there do not like when the 30 days for 30 blogs challenge starts. These people believe that the associated post(s) will cause a lot of unneeded and unwanted content.  I see it as a way to help people to start… Read More »

Broken Promises

Broken Promises in the Workplace I think that broken promises in the workplace are the number one reason that employees start looking for other means of employment. I look at it like a care dealer. If you are fair and truthful, I will be back again to buy another vehicle. If you lie and will… Read More »

Sophos UTM 9

Sophos UTM 9 This will be a high level over view of my experience with setting up the Sophos UTM 9 virtual application. Sophos has a FREE, yes I said free version of their Sophos UTM appliance. This firewall will protect up to 50 IP address.  You read more here. I proceeded to download the… Read More »