Sophos UTM 9

By | September 30, 2015

Sophos UTM 9

This will be a high level over view of my experience with setting up the Sophos UTM 9 virtual application.

Sophos has a FREE, yes I said free version of their Sophos UTM appliance. This firewall will protect up to 50 IP address.  You read more here.


I proceeded to download the ISO file. I was hoping that Sophos had created a OFV file. As I started to install the image I could see they wanted to stay vendor agnostic. The ISO load time on my appliance was around 20 minutes.  I started with the minimum requirements.  2 vCPU and 2 GB of memory. There was one issue that I needed to address. No wireless with the virtual appliance.

As I did more research I learned that Sophos also makes access points for their UTM appliance.  I have used SonicWall and FortiNet access points.  I have been very disappointing in there overall coverage and performance. I decided to purchase the Sophos AP 15 for Here is that link. ** You need to purchase a PoE injector or have a PoE switch to make this access point work without an outlet close. You can find the technical specs of the three current models here.

I have been running the appliance and access point for over a week now.  I have not had to reboot or power cycle any part of the device.  I may have to rebuild my storage shelf but that is another story.


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