My Road Map – Job Title

By | September 28, 2015

My Road Map – Job Title

I have had a little time to think about where I want to go and what I want to do. I call it my Road Map. It has been a very interesting year. I have changed jobs. I attended VMworld for the first time. I participated in Virtual Design Master. I am working on my VCDX. I am activity speaking for local VMUG, vBrownBag sessions, and vendor showcases. This has been an all round great year.

I currently hold the title of system administration. Many of you I had a chance to talk with, at VMworld and through the great virtual community, believe that the title of system administrator no longer fits my skill set. It was recommended that I need to make the jump to an engineering role or become a Solution Architect. I can see that the engineer role being the next logical choice. I enjoy working with current technology and implementing designs into production.

But then…

After surviving the Virtual Design Master I know that I can do more. I feel that I have taken a huge step over the engineering role and have moved into the Architect phase of my career.


Now I was faced with the next question. Do I want to be a pre-sales/sales or more of a Consulting Architect? Both would be a great match for my current skill set. The pre-sales/sales would be a great fit, but I have a small issue. I have a hard time imagining that I could work on commission. So by default, I believe that my next logical job role will be a Solution Architect in the consulting realm. I enjoy looking at the big picture and giving the client(s) a solution that can help them with their issue(s).

I will be on the look out for this very jump. It could happen where I am or it could require a whole new picture. Only time will tell…

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