Virtual Design Master and me

By | August 4, 2014

How Virtual Design Master has influenced me…

This is a boring non technical post

I have been following the #virtaldesignmaster season 2 very closely.   The compositors have been working very hard on their designs.

Anthony Chow, Sean Massey, Bryon Schaller, Joel Gibson, Alex Ramiez, Tom Howarth, Timothy Patterson, Seth Forgosh, Daemon Behr, Geoff Wilmington, and, Rob Nelson.

They are now down to three.

You can look at their profiles here on the website.

The show also has four hosts and multiple judges.

The hosts are:

Melissa Palmer, Jonathon Frappier, Eric Wright, and Angelo Luciani.  As everyone know Melissa  is the Evil challenge designer. Angelo is the only one qualified enough to dismiss participants.  Eric likes the spotlight for announcement and introducing new sponsors. Jonathon has been busy this year and we have not seen a lot of him.  I hope to see him more in the finally episode.

Click here to see more about them.

Yes I know I forgot the judges.  There are there main judges that I can remember.  Josh Odgers, Josh Atwell, Brian Kirsch.  If I missed a judge let me know and I will update my post.

OK now that the intro is done I can move into the reason for this post.

The first thing that I have to say is WOW.  I never knew there was a community out there for the virtual/cloud world.  From System Admins to System Architects.  Other the last three weeks I have gotten to know some of the 140+ VDCXs.  They and the rest of the vcommunity are willing to help anyone that is willing to asks for help.  Being a current VCP and working on both the VCAP-DCD and VCAP-DCA, I have enjoyed interacting with everyone.

About a month ago I took the VCAP-DCD and failed by two questions.   I was really heart broken.  I have never failed a certification exam.  With that said I have never taken an exam like this one.  This was the hardest test/exam I have ever taken.

Three weeks ago I started watching #virtualdesignmaster.  Before I watched the first episode I never thought that I could truly make it to the status of VCDX.  Watching the first episode has given me hope and inspiration to keep following my dreams.

I am now back on track to take the VCAP-DCD in three to four week.  My plan is to take the VCAP-DCA four to six weeks after that.  After that I plan to start on my VCDX defense design.

You have all been a great inspiration to me and the vCommunity.  I hope to continue to communicate and debate with everyone at #virtualdesignmaster and the vCommunity.

Thanks again.

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2 thoughts on “Virtual Design Master and me

  1. joshatwell

    I’m glad I found this post and extremely glad that Virtual Design Master has encouraged you to continue pursuing your professional development! Good for you! Best of luck on your journey. Hopefully you’ll continue to share your thoughts and experiences along the way.
    Will you be a VDM contestant next year? 🙂

    1. James Post author

      Depends on the VDM rules. I hope to be ready for my VCDX defense by next season. If I am not a contestant, I will volunteer on the other side.


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