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Netscaler Software upgrade

Upgrade the Citrix Netscaler from the command line After the install of the Citrix Netscaler 10.5-54 I had issues with the guest locking up with high traffic volumes and when I enable HA the only way to access the system was through command line. For everyone that has this same issue here is my solution.… Read More »

Scope it out

Scope it out! Most of you reading this post know of scope creep or have experienced it. Let me explain for those of you that do not know scope creep. Scope creep happens when the project that is currently being deployed was never completely scoped out. Let me give you and example. In a VDI… Read More »

Virtual Design Master and me

How Virtual Design Master has influenced me… This is a boring non technical post I have been following the #virtaldesignmaster season 2 very closely.   The compositors have been working very hard on their designs. Anthony Chow, Sean Massey, Bryon Schaller, Joel Gibson, Alex Ramiez, Tom Howarth, Timothy Patterson, Seth Forgosh, Daemon Behr, Geoff Wilmington,… Read More »