Scope it out

By | February 26, 2015

Scope it out!

Most of you reading this post know of scope creep or have experienced it.

Let me explain for those of you that do not know scope creep.

Scope creep happens when the project that is currently being deployed was never completely scoped out. Let me give you and example. In a VDI project that was presented to the Admin Test, expressed that this project will mitigate 100% of the old Windows XP machine currently in production. After completely 60% of the VDI roll out you find more Windows XP machines that were not found on the first assessment. Now you have to re-scope the project and go back to the Admin Team a request that they purchase more VDI stations. Another example would be with storage. Your current assessment showed that you only needed to have 150 VDI systems running. Once the system was running you decided that you needed to have twice the systems running because of how the end users were using these systems. I have seen both of these situations.

Scope creep is something that both Engineers and Architects despise. We try to do everything in our power to eliminate scoop creep by completely scoping out the project from end to end.  Also meeting any constraints that have been imposed.


So a note to the readers that have never experienced scope creep.  Good Job! I hope you can keep the trend going.  If not, be ready for the frustration that comes.

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