Horizon Workspace Portal – Part 1.1

By | September 14, 2014

Horizon Workspace 2.0 – Part 1.1 OVA install without ESXi Enterprise Plus

The following assumptions have been made.

1)      You have ESXi and vCenter installed

2)      You have Administrative access to vCenter

3)      You have Horizon Workspace licensing

4)      You have downloaded the “horizon-workspace-2.0…..ova

5)      You have two hosts 

If you have meet these assumptions you can continue.

Here is the part that I had to change because the client had a three cluster vCenter and did not have Enterprise plus licensing.  This method is not support by VMware.

If you do not have a cluster setup you can continue with out issues.  If you have a cluster setup you need to follow these steps.

  1. Remove one for your ESXi host from the cluster
  2. Add a host to you Datacenter not the cluster.
  3. Use the vSphere Client to log into the single ESXi host
  4. Click on file -> Deploy OVF Template…

Accept the license agreement and click next.

Select the appropriate data center and click next.

Select your Host and click next

Select your datastore, then disk format.

In the lab I have limited network connectivity, so I did not have to chose which networks to connect to, but also received an error that multiple source networks are mapped to my VM Network, proceeding as this is my configuration.

I have selected Fixed IP allocation policy as I will be using the IP addresses we identified and created in DNS.

Select your time zone and enter the IP information for each of the VMs.


Check the Power on after deployment.

Once you click finish, go get a cup of coffee or a 52oz Mt. Dew.  This process can take up to 20 minutes.

Ok here is the kicker.  You are going to lose you vApp.  Remove the host and put it back into the Cluster.

Part 2.1 will be out shortly.  I will show you how to manually setup the IP address on the servers.

Thanks for readying.

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