Radius Setup on the Cisco 1200 AP

By | November 24, 2014

Radius Setup on the Cisco 1200 AP

Yes I know the CISCO 1200 AP is old.  I had to re-configure it to talk to our Windows 2012 NPS servers. So here is the short walk through.

Log into the AP

Click on the Security Tab

Then select the Server Manager

In the Corporate Servers

Server is the IP Address of the NAP Server

Shared Secret is the key you setup on the NAP server

Under Default Server Priorities and EAP Authentication choose the NAP Server IP.

Click on the Encryption Manger

Click the WEP Encryption and choose Mandatory

Then Apply

Click on SSID Manager

Choose an SSID

Check the Interface -> Radio0-802.11G

Check Open Authentication: with EAP

Check Network EAP:

To broadcast the SSID go to Guest Mode/Infrastructure SSID Settings

Choose Set Beacon: Single BSSID Set Single Guest Mode SSID to SSID you set above.

Click Apply

Part two will be about how to setup communications between the CISCO AP and the NPS server.

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