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What’s New in vCenter Server 6.5

vCenter Server 6.5 The vCenter Server Appliance took center stage in this release. The installer has gotten a facelift with a new look and feel. Linux and Mac users can rejoice because the installer is now supported. If that isn’t enough out of the box change, the vCenter Server Appliance now has features that are exclusive: Migration Improved Management… Read More »

vCenter Database is Full

vCenter Database is Full I couple of days ago, I received a call from a customer who had a problem his vCenter server. The drive that hosted the vCenter was full. From the phone call it sounded like the full recovery opinion had been turned on. vCenter server was on Windows 2008 R2 and had the default… Read More »

Upgrade vCenter Server 5.5 to 6.0

Upgrade vCenter Server 5.5 to 6.0 I recently upgrade my environment to 6.0. Now that I am back on track to submit a VCDX 5.5 design I wish I did. Lets get started.  Make sure you have the ISO burned as a DVD or mounted with the vCenter Server.   Select Install Next Click  “I… Read More »

Resource Pools and Shares

I just wanted to write a blog post about Resource Pools. Resource Pools are usually labeled “Low”, “Normal” and “High” with the shares set respectively. This is the traditional example being used during the VMware vSphere 5 course. So of you might have caught on to my reset posts.  The best way for me to remember/study… Read More »

SNMP trap reciever in vCenter

How to set a SNMP trap receivers in vCenter Server First, you must register the External SNMP server in the list of SNMP trap receivers in vCenter Server. This list is accessible in the vSphere client -> vCenter Server Settings -> Administration menu. Change localhost to the IP or DNS name of your server.  Change… Read More »

vCenter Roles and Permissions

vCenter roles and Permission can be very difficult to sort out.  I hope with this post you will help to understand and grasp this concept better. Here are the VMware best practices for for Role and Permissions. VMware recommends the following best practices when configuring roles and permissions in your vCenter Server environment: Where possible,… Read More »

VMware vCenter Installable vs. Appliance

VMware vCenter Installable vs. Appliance VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) is a VMware’s official VA that can be used as an alternative way to implement a full vCenter Server, instead to install on a Windows Server (that must be deployed first). Unlike the installable version, it does not need a Windows Server license and… Read More »