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Add an image from the disk of a specific VM – PRISM Central 5.5

AHV Image services behavior has changed in AOS / Prism Central 5.5. The image service behavior depends on whether a cluster (also known as Prism Element) is registered to Prism Central. If the Prism Element (PE) cluster is newly created and has never been registered with a Prism Central instance all image operations will be… Read More »

How to delete Nutanix AFS

I have been asked a couple times this week about how would you remove AFS from a cluster.  To be honest it is really easy. To delete a file server: Caution: Deleting a File Server VM (FSVM) can result in data loss. Be sure that you archive or back up data stored on a FSVM before you… Read More »

Writers block

This #vDM30in30 is going to be harder than I expected. Writers block has already set in. This might be he worst post of my 30 in November. I do apologies. I have started to study for my retake of the NPP. I hope this time I can pass it with flying colors. I am still… Read More »