Workspace 2.1.1 Install

By | April 2, 2015

View Horizon Workspace 2.1.1 install

This will be the second time I have installed Workspace.  The first time was version 2.0.  You can read that post here.

The good thing is that the install has changed.  The PhD in rocket science is no longer required.

Step One

Download the View Horizon Workspace OVF file.  If you do not have a licence you can request a trial on the VMware website.

Step Two

You need to setup a DNS A record and reverse DNS record.  VMware uses the name  I have decided to use

DNS    A

Reverse DNS    IN    PTR

Step three

Choose your database. You can use internal vPostgres or install your own instance of Microsoft SQL and/or vPostgres. The internal install of vPostgres is only recommend for Proof of Concept.

The OVF install

From the vSPhere Client or the vSPhere Web Client, select OVF Template.

Source – Browse for the OVF package that you downloaded

OVF Template details – This is to verify you selected the correct version

License – Read the EULA and Accept

Name and Location – Select a name for the server

Host / Cluster – Choose the host or cluster to deploy the template

Resource Pool – If you have a resource pool setup this is where you can select it

Storage – This will be the NFS and/or VMDK storage

Disk format – Thick or Thin provisioning.  I always use Thin.

Network Mapping – Choose the correct network to connect to

Properties – This is the part you read twice and click OK once.

Ready to complete – Click finish and the OVF will start to be deployed.

You will get a pop-up “The deployment is complete” Click the CLOSE button.

Then right click the VM Guest and power on.


The first step is completed.  We installed Workspace with an OVF file. I will continue this series with configuration settings and create a custom SSL certificate.

Thanks for readying.

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