VCDX Design Day 2 vDM30in30

By | November 2, 2015

VCDX Design Day 2 vDM30in30

A couple of days ago I started my design document. At my previous employer I designed the virtual infrastructure. I had to create infrastructures to support multiple environments. Production, test, train, company, and DMZ. So I started to put everything I previously design on paper. I will be using vSphere 5.5 and the current hardware that is in place. I have just been approach to update their current system. Just to keep the design real, I will use the current design and settings.


So I started writing. I am really glad that I had to face the Virtual Design Master challenge. I was able to put together 2000 words and 21 pages in one day. Not a bad start. The one good thing is I do not have to have the design submitted in the next two days. 🙂

In the coming days I will be looking for a VCDX mentor to help me fine tune. Study groups will come soon after that. I will also be reaching out to people to help me proof my design.

So the journey begins.

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