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Nutanix and VCDX

Nutanix and VCDX OK I have to admit it, I got a little side tracked today. After months of digging and asking the correct people, I found out that the Nutanix NPP and NPX are completely free. With the NPX you still will have to travel to the Nutanix headquarters to defend your design. So… Read More »

VCDX Design Day 2 vDM30in30

VCDX Design Day 2 vDM30in30 A couple of days ago I started my design document. At my previous employer I designed the virtual infrastructure. I had to create infrastructures to support multiple environments. Production, test, train, company, and DMZ. So I started to put everything I previously design on paper. I will be using vSphere 5.5… Read More »

The Start of a VCDX Design

VCDX Design I have done a hand full of designs over the last six years.  I currently have my VCAP-DCD and I am studying for my VCAP-DCA. I do not see in any issues with me being able to pass the VCAP-DCA on the first attempt. So I want to push to try my VCDX… Read More »