VMware Certifications for HR

By | August 17, 2015

What HR managers need to know about VMware Certifications

This is not a stab at HR personnel in any company. I just wanted to clarify what these VMware certifications really mean in terms of time and achievement. Some of these certifications hold a higher value to clients than a Bachelor’s degree.

Ok let us start with the well-known certification.

MCSE, Microsoft’s crown jewel for most IT personnel in the Microsoft Arena.  This show that you have passed the MCP, and the MCSA certification on your way to the MCSE.  The questions on these test are straight multiple choice and/or drag and drop. It is a pretty straight forward test. Some smaller colleges will give you an Associate degree if you can complete your MCSE.

CCNA, this is CISCO’s first recognized step in the networking world. This certification is great for all network personnel pout there.  Network+ is considered the introduction to networking. CCNA is the introduction to subnet and routing.  Some smaller colleges will give you an Association degree if you can complete your CCNA and Network+.

VCP, this is the second step on the VMware certification ladder.  There are four areas that you can get certified. Data Center Virtualization, Cloud, End User Computing, and Network Virtualization. There are two things that set this certification apart from the rest. First, you have to take an instructor lead week-long class. Without completing this class you can not receive the VCP certification after you take and pass the exam. Second, this test is not about a single topic.  You are required to have entry-level experience with many of VMware’s products.

VCAP, I am not going to expand to much on this certification.  Each test will more than likely take you 180+ hours of studying. At last count there are around 4,000 individuals certified in the USA.

VCDX, VMware’s highest and toughest certification. Like the VCP certification there are four areas you can certify. This certification is like the CCAr that CISCO has. This certification has two parts.  The first part is the design preparation. Most individuals take six months to prepare for this part. The second part to this exam is the defense. There are three parts to the defense:

  • The interview process (75 minutes) in which the panelists will ask you questions on your design
  • The design scenario (30 minutes) in which you have to create a logical design based on a customer case
  • The troubleshooting scenario (15 minutes) which is about troubleshooting a case based on information provided on a PowerPoint slide

The current number of VCDX member has just pasted the 200 mark.

I have a lot of respect for anyone that have made this jump and have received the certification. You deserve it!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Trevor Smith

    seems like were on the same path my friend. CCNA current, just got VCP in Jan, and doing VCAP or VCIX next followed by MCSE dead last just because it’s 5 exams…


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